Frozen Banana Pops

A healthy, inexpensive, surprisingly refreshing treat is a Frozen Banana Pop.


I had seen several candy-dipped banana pops on Pinterest, but  I really try to limit the amount of (unnecessary) sugar my kids eat, so I never made them.  One day, on a playdate at  my friend Amy’s house, she asked if everyone wanted a frozen fruit treat.  She puled out gallon sized ziplock bags of chopped mango and sliced bananas.  All four kids – ages 3 through 6 – LOVED it.  But as the fruit melted, it got a bit sticky and messy.

This Creative Solution came from putting those two ideas together.  I picked up some popsicle sticks, peeled the bananas, cut them in half, inserted a popscicle stick, and froze them.


It became the perfect healthy treat on a hot summer afternoon – especially in Houston.  One of my friends’ kids thought it was so delicious he insisted I give his mom the recipe.  She called to say, “It’s just a banana.  Cut in half.  On a stick.  Frozen.  That’s the recipe?”  Yep.


As Halloween came around, Pinterest specifically had a lot of white-candy covered, frozen banana pops made to look like ghosts.  Armed with the knowledge that the kids didn’t need the candy-coating to love the frozen-banana-on-a-stick, I went wild and popped a couple mini-chocolate chips in as the eyes. (Enjoy Life brand is gluten and dairy free.)


Thus was born my Creative Solution: the healthy, easy “Boo-Nana Pop”


Once you put a couple mini-chocolate chips on the frozen banana, two things happen: (1) the kids go even more crazy for the treat, and (2) there’s really no turning back.  So I came up with a few varieties:

IMG_1876Snow-Manana pop for all winter months (can also double as a “Smiling Manana”)


Easter Bunnana pop with two eyes, a nose, and a slit in the top of the banana to make two ears


Dalmation Banana Pop / Polka-Dot Banana Pop for the in-between-seasons.

The possibilities are endless.  One day I may even let my boys design own banana pops!

A few of my own guidelines:

  1. Use mini-chocolate chips: they are easier to insert into the banana without breaking AND ultimately involve less sugar.
  2. Put a firm limit of 5 to 8 mini-chocolate chips into a banana pop.  Keep this healthy treat healthy!
  3. Craft sticks work as popsicle sticks, unless they note that they aren’t food safe.

Let me know if you can adapt this to find your own Creative Solution.

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