Snack Containers

Today’s Creative Solution focuses on Snack Containers.

I love containers.  Before I had ever visited the Container Store, I loved containers.  Little drawers, baskets, boxes… smaller boxes inside of bigger boxes… I get very excited.  So this is just the first many posts on organization using different containers.

First up: snacks.  Of course, convenience is important.  But to come to this Creative SolutionI needed to factor in three guiding principles:

  1. I am frugal.  The smaller, pre-packaged snacks are very convenient, but a lot more expensive.
  2. I prefer environmentally conscious solutions.  I’d rather not use disposable, one-time-use plastic baggies.  Rather, I’d prefer to use stainless steel with the kids.
  3. I make an effort to teach my kids (ages 5 1/2 and 7) to be as self-sufficient as reasonably and responsibly possible in any situation.  So solutions that depend on me (and me alone) to make things happen are not ideal.

Our afternoon snack often needs to be something dry and non-refrigerated.  So they get a trail-mix-ey combination of (gluten free) pretzels, raisins, peanuts, and the dry cereal du jour.  I dump the torn/open bags/boxes into (these and these) glass containers from World Market:


But for convenience sake, I need to-go containers in pre-portioned sizes.

So on one of our recent trips to IKEA, my husband asked what I thought of these spice containers, which have a magnetic back.


I had been eyeing these containers for a while, so I asked if we could get a gazillion more. At $7.99 for a 3-pack, he cut me off at four.

So here’s the “advertised” spice rack usage:


We mounted a magnetic strip on the cabinet.  Technically, we could use any metal since the back of the container is magnetic.  But in the end, it was just easier to use the Mini Magnetic Strip from the Container Store because all the hardware was there, the size was right, and at $4.99, the price wasn’t too shabby.

I like being able to pinch or 1/4 tsp measure in spices as needed from these containers.

Notice that the containers are labeled.  We have not one, but two Label Makers in our house and use them All. The. Time.

Brother P-Touch Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Label Maker (10+ Years Old)

The GRUNDTAL spice containers from IKEA worked out perfectly for this Creative Solution: not too expensive, environmentally friendly,  and self-sufficient.  We mounted two Stainless Steel Skinny Strips from the Container Store (@ $7.99 each) on the pantry door, at a level accessible to the boys.


The size of these containers is a perfect portion, and I even have my boys fill their own containers.

I labeled six containers for each kiddo so that (a) they eat from the ones they made for themselves, (b) I know whose is missing, and (c) its obvious which one left their container outside in the grass.  (True story.)

Now, when they are hungry, they can help themselves to a (pre-approved, properly portioned) snack.  It works for us!  How about you? How can you use this to become a Creative Solution for your own household?

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