I’m a “place for everything, and everything has its place” sort of girl.  When things don’t have a “home” they become clutter.  Clutter drains my energy.  I have enough regular mess going on because of life with two boys and a husband.  I don’t need unnecessary mess.

As a rule, if something doesn’t have a “place” to go in our home, it doesn’t belong.  So it’s important to find homes for the things that do belong.  Today’s Creative Solution concerns finding a home for bags: purses, reusable shopping bags, backpacks, etc.

Everything should have a home.  Especially something as important as Mom’s purse.  For a multitude of reasons, that home should never be on a kitchen counter.  That’s where HOOKS come in.

Installing two or three (or more) hooks along the edge of a cabinet or in a laundry room / mud room / back door entry offers a specific place to hang your bag(s).

Three double-prog metal hooks

Three double-prog metal hooks

These specific hooks are Target’s Threshold™ 2-Pack Double Prong Robe Hook in White.  Each 2-pack of hooks costs $3.99.

While this set-up made perfect sense in our last house, that Creative Solution no longer works in our current home.  Now, the back door enters through the laundry room.


So now, I have two Command 3M hooks adhered to the back door for the reusable bags, but keep my (heavy) purse on a cubby/shelf by the back door.  My purse has a home AND everyone knows where the reusable bags need to go so we remember to bring them back out to the car.

Here’s the thing about hooks: they keep things off the floor.   Just be sure to hang the hooks at a height convenient for your people.


How can you use hooks for a Creative Solution in your home?

One thought on “Hooks

  1. I’m a big fan of this. We added low hooks to a coat tree for the kids. We also put hooks inside our bedroom closet for jeans that aren’t freshly washed but not ready for the laundry yet.

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