Kids’ Valentines Using Toys

Looking for a Creative Solution for Valentine’s cards for your kids’ classmates that has a personal touch?

Use their favorite toys and take a picture!

Valentines Card 2014-2_wm

My boys love LEGOs, so we spelled out our greeting on an extra-large base plate.  My older son built the heart.  My younger son selected the minifigs and helped find the bricks.  Then my husband snapped the pic.  We don’t attach treats or toys to our V-Day cards; it’s just a fun message of love for friends and classmates.

Valentines Cards 4

I equipped each boy with his own roll of double-sided tape and a large bin of neglected scrapbook paper so that each could create his own cards.

Valentines CardsValentines Cards 2

The end result was far from Pinterest-looking-precision, but the kids actually had fun doing them… and it was also a far cry from last year’s bout of misery, nagging, and day-drinking.  


The reason I think this Creative Solution worked is because:

  1. They were involved in the creative process–not just the handwriting part.
  2. It involved their favorite toys.

Happy Valentines Day to you!

Valentines Card 2014-1_wm

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