Price Adjustment

Have you ever bought something one day, and then come to find out it went on sale the next?  Or is it just me?

Last Friday I finally had the time to run to Old Navy, and I bought five things.  The next morning I get an email alert telling me that All Five of those things were on an amazing sale.

So here’s a Creative Solution: Price Adjustments.

Old Navy-2You don’t need to return and repurchase the items.  Just bring your receipt in and ask the cashier to do a price adjustment.  Most stores will gladly do this within 7 to 14 days of purchase; it’s good customer service.  I have asked for price adjustments from Old Navy, Target, and Kohls.  I have never needed more than my receipt; they have not asked for the actual clothing.

Sometimes I have forgotten whatever special coupon at home, and I have been able to bring back the receipt and get a price adjustment.  In rare circumstances, stores will note that certain coupons are not valid on previous purchases, which means this will not work.

Otherwise, just hold on to your receipt and remember the words: price adjustment.