A Fun and Functional Key Box for the Dr. Who Fan

Have keys?  Need a more Creative Solution for knowing where they are?  We have had a basic wooden key storage box that we got from IKEA several years ago:  IKEA Pavo

Hanging by the back door, looking plain, it needed a makeover.  Something much more FUN!  My husband is a huge Dr. Who fan, and has had us watching and re-watching episodes with 11th Doctor (Matt Smith).  So when I looked at the rectangular box, I immediately saw a TARDIS.



Making this Key Box into a TARDIS was actually pretty easy:

  1. Paint the box blue with black and white details.  Going with the “intentional homemade” look means there’s no need to worry about crooked lines.
  2. Mod Podge: When I painted my husband a TARDIS tissue box last year, I discovered that it was easiest to paint the black outlines and white windows, but print images off the internet for the “FREE for use of PUBLIC” sign and the triangle top with the lamp.  The “FREE” sign was printed on regular printer paper and mod podged to the door; the triangle was printed on photo paper and mod podged on to the wall.

Free For Public UseTARDIS Top

Since this box actually opens (and it is bigger on the inside), Peter found an image of the T.A.R.D.I.S. Console, which was printed on photo paper and mod podged to the inside of the key box.


ConsoleTARDIS 2

3. Finish with an interior varnish or poly.


Now, what used to just be functional is also fun!   A very Creative Solution!